Tonight’s Shoot:

It was incredible. It’s finals week here at Columbia and I move back to West Michigan in 7 days, so the stress is building. Hardcore.

But tonight revitalized me. I was able to breathe for the first time in awhile.

I’m not a hundred percent sure why, but I think it had a lot to do with the people I was working with.

Camille being one of them, my best new-found Chicago friend.

Follow her. She’s pretty awesome. Seriously.

But also, this group of girls I’m doing a documentary on. They run a non-profit charity here in Chicago called See the Change. Be the Change. They do some really awesome stuff, very inspiring. Genuine people doing genuine things. I’ve been looking for people like this in my life. 

Film is great and rare is a time where I’d rather be doing something else, but every once in awhile, the gears that keep me running start to grind, click and chip, if that makes sense. So, I really need people like this; I need people projects like this; to keep me rolling, to keep me interesting, to keep me fresh, both artistically, and spiritually. Because doing the same thing over and over again will eventually kill me.

Sidebar: I’m not a religious guy, but there is something that (it may sound cheesy) brightens my soul to see real people do real good, and keeps my gears clicking.

I could wish for nothing else.

Also: Updates like this are going to become more frequent. 

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Another shot from my upcoming film “Anonymous.”, which will be released at the end of the week.

Another shot from my upcoming film “Anonymous.”, which will be released at the end of the week.

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Anyone in the Chicago area that’s really for or against KONY 2012?

I’m making a documentary on the movement and the Cover the Night project on April 20th, and would like to hear all sides.

Please message me if you’re interested. 


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Let me rant for a goddamn minute.

So, I’m going to film school, college level film school, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, but something I was unaware of up until moments ago is that though I am indeed at the a collegiate level and a legal adult; I will not be treated like one.

I personally, as in I alone, have scheduled three short films for production with both cast & crew, and have three more on deck over these past few weeks. Along with the countless, shorts I’ve done on my own. I’m able to make professional decisions entirely independently. And I consider myself more than capable of taking care of myself, films and any & all cast and crew. But according to Columbia’s educational system, I’m not.

It’s truly a load of shit. The reason I can’t is I have to turn in everything I’ve already done in my Production class as a packet. everything I’ve already done. everything I’VE ALREADY DONE. The equipment isn’t even that great, but I can’t afford to buy socks, let alone film equipment.

Simply put, I don’t appreciate being treated like a fucking child when I’m putting forth loads of time and effort to plan and prepare to be consider anything but.

C’est la vie. I suppose.

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I got accepted to Columbia College Chicago.

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