Anonymous asked: “you're being a super douche bag lately... sorry but maybe you should consider the things you said might apply to you. you have yet to show us anything mind blowing so fuck off. you just sound like a cocky, pretentious and oblivious ass hole. and let me say maybe you are really talented and will go far and can't live without filmmaking but maybe try and be more humble.”


Well, first off Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, I would like you to identify yourself. Not to call you out, but because you apparently know me better than most of my friends and family. I would honestly like to befriend and we could talk about this more. This is not a joke. Please identify yourself, friend.

First off, maybe it didn’t translate, but the ‘artistically unaware artist’ may (AND PROBABLY DOES) apply to me. In fact, It’s my biggest fear. Because how would I know?

Originally, that post was supposed to have another paragraph explaining how I am nowhere the artist I see in head, the work I’m doing in my head is just so much better than what’s released and I can’t get to the point where the two run parallel. You’re absolutely right though. I haven’t given the world anything worth any merit. So, what gives me the right to be so judgmental? Some of the work I’ve done is decent at best. So how am I any better than any other fuck with a camera?

Additionally, I am from a small town, with a small town friends and family, where I have been praised for the little work I’ve done. “You’re so good at what you do. I just know I’ll see you at the Oscars one day."You’re gonna famous one day I just know." To those people, I say, kindly, fuck off. Because you’re terrifying me. Also, not only do I not want fame, but I don’t want it to be expected of me…AND at the point I am now, I don’t think I’m even capable of it. 

All of that being said, what I do think I have going for me, as an artist, is the fact that I’ve never been satisfied with anything I’ve ever done. I finish a project and almost immediately remove it from my memory, out of distaste, embarrassment or simply the fact that I think I can do better, which, if I continue down that path, I think leads itself to an infinite supply of artistic improve. Maybe?

Lastly, if you look back I called myself an asshole at the end of that post, because clearly what I was saying was out there and a bit a pretentious. So, I appreciate you letting me know, but trust me, I’m well-aware.

I’ve had that on my chest for a long time. 

Thank you.

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  1. skwerv said: Dear anonymous asshole, kindly fuck off. Gap’s da best self-admitted pretentious asshole in the world.
  2. isaachelsen said: Get him a…cranberry juice. And then tell him to fuck off too.
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