Reason #57 I don’t like being home:

I just saw someone who was in a film class of mine a few years, at the park yesterday (where I work). He was filming some low budget promo for a local Frisbee Disc Golfer.
Just like I am, he was a future filmmaker, or at least desperately trying to be one. He had all the ambition, but the problem was the talent just wasn’t there. I read and watched some of his work and you could tell that he was really giving it his all, but it just wasn’t clicking. It seemed to be comparable to the kind of stuff you see on the YouTube channel of 14 year old, the kind whose borrowed his mother’s VHS camera to win a video contest at his/her local library.
I felt bad for the guy. Here’s someone who desperately wants something, to be an artist ideally, and bleeding his heart and soul into every piece to do so and the talent isn’t following suit. And he is completely unaware. The even more unfortunate part is someone, somewhere along the line has been lying to him about his work. Similar to those god-awful singers on American Idol who truly believe they’re capable of winning because they’re small town friends and family had praised and applauded their voices because they don’t want to hurt their feelings or simply just don’t know any better, the lie then becomes apparent when the judges, people who are (a little more) artistically cultured, hear it, and it’s about as good as nails on a chalk board. This is not okay.
One of the many problems of our generation is that everyone thinks they can be/should be an artist, though that’s not our fault, we think that only becomes the Internet tells us so, examples being things like YouTube celebrities, Tumblr Famous Blogs, self-published albums & books, etc. The Internet makes it easy, and tells us ‘You can be an artist and a wealthy one at that with a click of a button’. Hardly.
My thoughts are just because you want to be something doesn’t mean you should. The people who should be artist’s are those who will deteriorate if they aren’t. Those are the people who should do it on a professional level. Those who have mind, body, spirit and talent to make it happen. There are too many half-assed artists in this world. My hope is that one day that kid wakes up to realize what he’s doing is not his real passion, that there’s something that’s his true calling.

On an unrelated sidenote: that guy is an absolute dickhead.
And I appear to be one as well.

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